Token ServiceProvider (TSP)

About our Solution

paySmart® Token Service Provider (TSP), the paySmart® tokenization service, is an API for Issuers that enables to tokenize and detokenize cards and control the tokenized cards life cycle.

  • Generate and validate tokens in a very simple and safe way

  • Monitor, automatically, the lifecycle of generated tokens

  • Retrieve information about the current status of the token (attributes)

  • Deactivate, cancel, or reactivate a token

Main uses


Generate and validate temporary card numbers to use on NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR Codes


Generate and validate dynamic virtual card numbers (which change for each transaction or group of transactions) to use in e-commerce


Generate and validate tokens system of frequent purchases “Card on File”

High effectiveness, low cost

Like other paySmart® services, TSP is offered via monthly fee, which varies based on the number of active devices (cards/cell phones). It does not matter the values, transaction quantities or quantity of operated tokens.


Tokenization technology is an important weapon in the fight against cybercriminals, especially in recognised vulnerable environments such as cell phones or e-commerce. The use of tokenized virtual cards in e-commerce, for example, can drastically reduce non-card transaction (CNP) fraud.


TSP paySmart has simple APIs and is easy to implement. With less calls it is possible to tokenize a physical card on a virtual card and validate transactions with a tokenised card. All the control of the lifecycle of the tokens generated is done by the TSP, which simplifies what needs to be developed by the Issuer.

Integration with clients apps

TSP paySmart® can also be used ate the same time with paySmart® Mobile Token Vault (mTV), Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android ™ and iOS ™ that makes it easy for Issuers to incorporate security features into their own mobile applications. These libraries implement a group of security mechanisms on the client’s phone that prevent users’ security credentials from being compromised by cybercriminals.

See how it works

Virtual cards

Generation and validation of virtual cards for use in e-commerce with all the security that the user needs.

Get money with cell phones in ATMs

Generation of token via cell phone valid for ATM withdrawals, without the need for a physical card.

Payments with QR Code

Generation of temporary QR codes for making payments via cell phone.

NFC payments

Generation of temporary NFC (Near Field Communication) for making proximity payments.

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