General description

Instant Card Issuance – the ability to deliver cards on time and give them to the customer’s hand instead of waiting for them to be produced and send through the mail – is a feature that is getting more important in the marketplace as more and more printers become more popular and more accessible.

Instant Issuance

Instant Issuance guarantees a number of benefits to the Issuer as:

Costs and risks reduction associated to mailing

Especially when the Instant Issue replaces the use of urgent post services (for example, SEDEX) with guaranteed receipt, the cost reduction is significant. In relation to risks, Instant Emission can also eliminate the risks associated with the interception of cards during the transit between the graph and the client.

Competitive advantage

Offering Instant Issue positions the Issuer ahead of the competition, with a differential compare to the other issuers.

Revenue generation

As an optional service, in some cases the Issuer may charge a small fee for the Instant Issue and create new revenue sources.

More convenience to users

The customer leaves the agency or store with
the new card and do not need to wait several days
for customization and shipping.

Greater delivery time control in an internal bureau

Some Issuers have small internal emission operations in its main cities of operation.With Instant Issuance technology, it is possible to issue cards with a chip with basically the same structure, with more control over delivery times.

The challenges of implementing
Instant Issuance

Despite the clear benefits that Instant Issuance brings, safety is a very important point. Without due care, an Instant Issuance station can become a door to fraudulent cards. That is why it is important to choose a solution that protects your Instant Issuance stations from card duplication attacks – and that is one of the key features of the paySmart® solution.

Offer Componentsw

In addition to a small printer and some logistical support with supplies (tapes and cards), the Issuer also needs hardware and software infrastructure to carry out Instant Issuance of chip cards safely.

PaySmart® basically uses the same security infrastructure for Mass Instant Emission – that is, data preparation servers connected to the HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) payment cryptographers. – but makes this service available remotely. In addition, it also provides a software client used in the personalization station (connected to the printer).

Cards printer

it can be the same printers that the customer already used for issuing magnetic stripe cards, updated to include an application load module on chip cards (“PC / SC encoder”), or new equipment;

Cards customization software

it can be the same software that the customer already used today to issue their magnetic stripe cards, configured to call our loading software paySmart® Loader;

paySmart® loader

a client software running on the same workstation as the customization software that communicates with the printer’s PC/SC (“chip encoder”) module and sends the data of each new card that needs to be produced.

paySmart® remote data preparation

a webservice, running on paySmart® datacenters, which can be called from customers who wish to customize cards instantly. It performs remote data preparation in similar environments to those used for mass customization, but focused on a single record.

Usage Architecture

The usage flow of the paySmart® Instant Issuance components is as follows:


The personalization software calls paySmart’s remote data preparation service (paySmart® Remote Data Preparation)by passing information such as the profile code to be used, the card number, expiration date and cardholder name;


The remote data preparation service receives the request, communicates with the HSMs and performs the data preparation of the card determined by the application at the tip;


The remote data preparation service returns to the calling application, a data packet ready to be loaded on the card. The data will be encrypted with the application protection keys and also by the encrypted tunnel established between the personalization station and the paySmart® datacenter;


The personalization application receives the data generated for the card.


The personalization application places the chip card in the chip’s write module and uses paySmart® Loader to load it onto the card (via the printer’s PC / SC interface);


The personalization application receives the paySmart® Loader confirmation that the card has been saved successfully.

Technical features

  • Suport PC/SC (Personal Computer Smart Card) interface and any printers with PC/SC readers.

  • Suport Windows 32 or 64 bits (Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8) and Linux.

  • Support for confidential ALU (Application Load Unit) modules used for secure loading of MULTOS and MULTOS Step/One applications for different MULTOS platforms, including all MULTOS chip models sold in Brazil.

  • Simple interface via command line to facilitate integration with other customization software.

  • Generation of detailed logs in case of mistakes to facilitate the remote identification of problems.

  • Return problems through mistake codes (ERRORLEVEL) easily handled by other calling software.

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