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General description

Eliminate fraud and qualify your payments operation with paySmart® technology.

Moving to EMV chip with our technology is simple and it does not require investments in hardware and software.

Instead of acquiring, installing and integrating EMV systems, training people, and especially, taking risks, you can issue chip cards in a very short period of time, paying only for active cards.

EMV as a service

We quickly and easily manage everything that is required to perform a complete migration from magnetic stripe to EMV chip – all made as a service.

No investments

With paySmart® there is no need to invest in human resources, training, infrastructure, software, hardware, integration and maintenance. We take on the task of deploying and operating EMV systems and you care about your business.

No risks

With our EMV as a Service, there is no risk of problems introduced by your team when trying to implement EMV. There are not delays in migration due to internal competition with other projects and the time-to-market is immediate. In addition, we have our own protections against replay attacks, middle man and duplicate data in the bureau.

High availability

PaySmart hardware and software are available today, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the most important financial datacenter of Latin America.

EMV as a Service
Is agility

Despite the clear benefits that Instant Issuing brings, two things are responsable for not seeing it everywhere: cost of printers and print ribbons – which depending on quantities, may not justify the creation of Instant Issuing stations compared to Issuing in mass – and safety. Without proper care, an Instant Issuing station can become an easy source of supplies for fraudulent cards.

EMV in a
Private Cloud

PaySmart has developed the first EMV platform in a privated cloud for independent brands in Latin America, where the customer has an activation fee and then only pays for the active cards.

PaySmart’s Infrastructure: Datacenter Class 5 with Disaster Recovery and copies in two sites (RJ and SP). A mission-critical environment, with high volume traffic support and ISO 9.000 and ISO 20.000 certified processes.

It is the same private cloud computing infrastructure used by the world’s leading banks, insurers and credit card companies.

How It works


We create an exclusive virtual environment to the client and generate keys, issuer’s certificates and embossing profiles

We create a unique virtual environment in our datacenter and assist the customer in all the steps needed to configure the Systems used in the issuance and authorization of EMV transactions.


The client connects its authorization process to paySmart’s interface

We provide a very simple way to validate EMV data from networks (bit 55 data) and, with that, the client’s processor (internal or external) can easily validate EMV data, even generating “full-grade” responses.


We support the approval of customer’s cards in networks

We have a clear and well defined terminal approval process – the paySmart Terminal ValidationToolkit – in addition to experience with the main Brazilian networks.


We take care of everything

The client send his embossing files – the same ones he uses today to issue stripe cards – and we take care of everything, including the final interface with the customizer.

How paySmart

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