PaySmart® Capture is a mobile-to-mobile transaction capture technology that enables direct payments between retailers and consumers without relying on acquirers (capture networks) and traditional terminals (“POS”).

The merchant downloads the paySmart® Capture app on its phone and can capture multiple food, meal and fleet brands with security, speed and convenience.

No POS, no lines and no bureaucracy.

Benefits for

The Issuer

  • Costs reduction with the issuance of physical cards

  • Reduced card mailing costs

  • Less cards delivery time

  • No need to force the customer to download any applications: the customer keeps using the same app, automatically updated to include the new generation functions of paySmart® QR Code

  • No impact on processing: paySmart® delivers ISO8583 purchases requests identical to current ones

  • Possibility to know more about your customers’ behavior (with geolocation and consumption patterns)

  • Possibility of providing loyalty programs

Benefits for

The Merchant

  • Less costs with POS

  • Immediate enablement

  • Less payment lines

  • Same financial flow as conventional POS

  • Multibrand: same app captures different brands

Benefits for

The Customer

  • Better purchase experience (including off-line)

  • More convenience

  • Faster payments

  • Feedback in real time about purchases

See how it works

Your free paySmart Capture machine

paySmart® Capture provides an incredible shopping experience – with QR Codes and NFC approach payments – with a lightweight, simple and robust application.

How does paySmart Capture work?

The beneficiary has the application of the flag, chooses the payment method and places the password. The shopkeeper places the value of the sale, reads the QR Code generated by the customer, and that’s it !! That simple!

Technical features

  • AES-256-bit encryption for protecting credentials on mobile devices

  • Hardware enforced encryption: All credentials are manipulated inside HSMs devices (Hardware Security Modules)

  • Device DNA: Proprietary mechanism to prevent the change of credentials between devices

  • Point-to-point coding between mobile phones and paySmart – protected messages (encrypted and signed) for each device

  • Unique tokenized numbers for each transaction

  • Native protection against replay and preplay attacks

  • Native protections against malicious developers (anti-root and anti-debugging)

  • Geosecurity: possibility of using GPS location in higher risk transactions.

  • Automatic unprovisioning: Cleaning credentials when attempting to attack or lose the device (kiss of death)

  • Desprovisionamento automático: eliminação das credenciais em tentativas de ataque ou perda do dispositivo (kiss of death)

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