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Issue cards and create your payments account without complications.

Our BIN Sponsor platform is flexible and connects your business to the  global payments ecosystem, in a very short time.

We take care of the entire interface with the flag, processor, personalization bureaux and Central Bank, while you focus on your business!

Light and complete processing platform

Our BIN Sponsor service is 100% integrated to our Light Processing Platform.

We simplify
your way

We work to simplify processes and so that your customers have a better experience, that’s why we created the concept of Dynamic Provisioning Account, dynamic provisioning with shared authorization. It is a dynamic way of provisioning funds to be used by cash-out cards and ensuring that the Issuer has control of the amount transacted in a transparent manner.

The status of the Dynamic Provisioning Account balance is informed through APIs, which brings more flexibility to operate – without the Issuer having to keep 100% of the fixed assets. With this technology, contributions only need to be made while the customers effectively use resources making transactions with their cash-out cards.

Forget about manual transfers between the digital wallet and the card account or provisioning 100% of what could be used one day: with paySmart technology, dynamic provisioning is simple.

Cash-In and Cash-out


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Bank ticket


Electronic reception

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Cellphone recharge


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